What is Fluidics

The definition of fluidics was formerly confined to the “no moving parts” control elements such as fluidic amplifiers, switches and feedback fluidic oscillators.  Most of the fluidic products were based on such fluidic elements. Today, the word “fluidics” is used in a much broader sense to encompass the steady or time-varying, controlled flow of fluids in meso, micro and nano-scale systems – referred to as “mesofluidics”, “microfluidics” and “nanofluidics”. Precise flow control and fluid handling is achieved through a combination of electro-mechanical devices and fluidic elements. When optical sensors and actuators are also included in these systems – they are termed “optofluidics”.

Mixing fluidic system driven by piezo-electric device

We are involved in the design and development of such small-volume flow devices, with or without moving parts, and systems that integrate microfluidics, MEMS and optics.

Microfluidics for Multi-Sample Assay

We are also involved in the development of microfluidics-based force and thermal actuators.

The application areas of fluidics have also increased many-fold and hence fluidics has become a really multidisciplinary field that involves (to name a few) fluid mechanics, MEMS, nanotechnology, optics, chemistry, biology, material science and manufacturing.  Consequently, the amount of money spent on research and development of these fluidic systems has also increased by a large amount in the last 2-3 decades. A large number of new products have been introduced into the market based on these interdisciplinary areas and we believe that the trend will continue this way for the coming years as well.


Advanced Fluidics is currently involved in a number of R&D projects with several well-known institutions and high-tech industries.


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