About Us

Advanced Fluidics LLC is a high-tech, small business located in Columbia, Maryland. It was founded in 2001 by Dr. Surya Raghu for the development of advanced concepts in meso- and microfluidics for innovative products related to aerospace, automotive, biotech, consumer and energy industries.

We undertake joint R&D, new product and technology development projects in the above technical areas and offer innovative solutions needed for success in a competitive market.


Sweeping Jet Actuators

Left: Sweeping jets; Right: Steady jets

CAD Design, Prototype Building and Testing of customized meso-fluidic parts

Advanced Fluidics is extensively involved in the development of Sweeping Jet Actuators for Aerodynamic Flow Control. These produce high frequency oscillating jets that can produce aerodynamic effects such as separation control, mixing, aerodynamic noise reduction and other beneficial effects.It is also possible to produce pulsing jets for similar or other aerodynamic effects to the benefit of aerodynamic design of airplanes and automobiles.